Mary Ellen Boland

Mary Ellen was born around 1853, most likely in Manchester.

She left the family some time before 1873 when she married Dubliner John Levins, using the name Mary Ann Mullin. The birth of their first child a month after the wedding might explain the use of a fake name.

They lived in Salford and had five children, Mary Ann, Kathleen, Margaret, William Francis and Henry. Only two, Mary Ann and William, survived childhood. The family emigrated to the US in 1885 (the same year her brother Jim’s family returned to Ireland, which may have been linked – did they move to the house her brother had left?) .

A sixth child, Lillian, was born in New York.

John and their son William fought with the 69th Infantry, better known as the Fighting Irish, in the Spanish-American War.

John was injured and died in 1904. William went on to live a long life as a soldier, reaching the rank of Lt. Col.. He was married twice and had at least two children with his first wife, Bertha McCarty, from whom there are a number of living descendants.

Mary Ann and Lillian both married Irish-American men, but neither had any surviving children.